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03 Mai 2017 von lbiad

The opening celebration of LBI:AD “Gründer Symposium”

With a quite big team of already 14 employees, the LBI Applied Diagnostics decided to be ready to celebrate its inauguration on the 2nd of May 2017.

For this occasion, nothing less than the stunning location, Wolke 21 was chosen which is situated in Vienna’s 22nd district. The impressive location provided a delightful view from the 21st floor of the whole city of Vienna. For our honoured guests, very delicious and handmade LBI Applied Diagnostics branded Zotter chocolates were provided.

Thomas Beyer, Professor of Physics of Medical Imaging and deputy head of the Center for Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, moderated in a very smart and charming way throughout the event. Furthermore, five eloquent speakers turned the evening into a unique experience. The program of the “Gründer Symposium” can be summarized in four parts:

DI Josef Pröll, President of the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft
Mag. Wolfgang Neurath, representative of the Federal Ministry for Science and Research

Translational Research
Prof. Dr. Markus Müller, Rector of the Medical University of Vienna

Nuclear Medicine in Change
Prof. Dr. Johannes Czernin, Director of the Nuclear Medicine Clinic UCLA & JCCC Cancer Molecular Imaging

LBI Applied Diagnostics
Movie of our institute
Dr. Markus Mitterhauser, Director of LBI Applied Diagnostics

After the speeches, the symposium continued with a typical Austrian buffet and drinks. We had a perfect evening with our dearest friends, colleagues and partners. The whole LBI:AD team wants to thank all contributors who helped establishing and making the event so special. We are also very grateful for our inspiring speakers and guests who created an unforgettable evening (almost) above the clouds.

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