Applied Translational and Clinical Research

The program line is headed by Markus Mitterhauser und Markus Zeitlinger.

As a modification from the last development plan, the Project Line „Clinical Applications“ (PL CA) and „Applied Translational Research“ (PL ATR) were combined to form the new interdisciplinary Project Line „Applied Translational and Clinical Research“ (PL ATCR). The PL is co-headed by the former head of PL CA, Markus Zeitlinger and by our Director, Markus Mitterhauser.

Applied Translational Research (PL ATR)

This program line was established in July 2019 in addition to the other program lines. We identified the need to translate between the other PLs and transfer the knowledge gained in PLs MP and IB towards preclinical imaging concepts applicable for future clinical use. However, during the first months after birth of this PL, we consolidated the two individual Program lines ATR and CA to form a more comprehensive and effective PL ATCR. Theresa Balber (postdoctoral fellow) was recruited based on her expertise in preclinical radiopharmaceutical sciences and experimental nuclear medicine. Although the PL ATR has been established only recently, the PL has contributed to the preparation of animal ethics protocols and first in vitro and in vivo tracer testing was performed.

Clinical Applications (PL CA)

The overall aim of this program line is the translation of knowledge gained by molecular pathology and novel imaging biomarkers to patients suffering from cancer.

Work packages have started with retrospective validation of biomarkers in liquid biopsies from different cancer entities. In addition clinical studies have been performed to compare performance of different PET tracers with histopathology of different tumors. However, the core of the program line are prospective clinical trials employing a completely novel concept of introducing tumor material into preclinical models, and by using these models as well as molecular imaging probes to tailor disease monitoring and ultimately to optimize therapy for individual patients. In addition, new imaging targets will be identified and corresponding biomarkers will be developed. For achieve this novel radiotracers will be introduced to first-in-man studies and in cooperation with different clinical departments at the Medical University of Vienna to patients.

Heads of program line

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Markus Mitterhauser

Director, Head of Applied Translational Research

Assoc. Prof. Priv.-Doz. Dr. Markus Zeitlinger, MD

Head of Clinical Application