Partnerships are essential to our work.

Charles River

Charles River’s Freiburg site is uniquely positioned to provide a comprehensive portfolio of non-GLP oncology services. Initially founded as Oncotest GmbH, the facilicy was acquired by Charles River in 2015.

They focuses on preclinical profiling of anticancer compounds utilizing a large collection of proprietary patient derived xenograft (PDX) models. Their outstanding market position is based on a unique integrated testing approach, which includes medium-high throughput in vitro assay systems complemented by extensive in vivo efficacy test capabilities. Charles River has established a unique collection of more than 500 PDX models throughout all major histotypes. Their PDX collection is very well characterized by molecular analyses as well as by sensitivity testing towards the respective standard of care compounds.

From their longstanding experience within the area of preclinical and translational oncology, they learned that there is an urgent need for primarily more predictive but also prognostic biomarkers. The aim of the LBI:AD addresses an urgent need of translational oncology, as biomarker research is lagging behind the advanced development of novel drugs. Therefore, the partnership on this project will help to reduce drug development failure rates and contribute to faster and more efficient development of novel innovative anti-cancer drugs. As a R&D focused CRO, Charles River is always in the process of optimizing their test systems with respect to clinical relevance. This includes the extended characterization of their PDX models with respect to their feasibility for biomarker identification and validation.


IASON GmbH is one of the leading producers and suppliers of PET radiopharmaceuticals serving the European nuclear medicine community for over 20 years and has its home base in Austria. IASON GmbH also develops technology and equipment for radio-labelling of diagnostic peptides and ligands. Another division of IASON GmbH supplies diagnostic assays to hospital laboratories for disease assessment.

The company is dedicated to investing significantly in both external and in-house research and development of novel PET tracers that prove beneficial to the medical community and show viability on a commercial basis. The core competences of IASON GmbH focus on the diagnostic imaging of oncological diseases and therapeutic control for the betterment of the afflicted patients. Future emphasis is placed on the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic agents as well as the preclinical evaluation of new radiopharmaceuticals in cooperation with valued medical institutions.

Medical University of Vienna

The Medical University of Vienna with its Departments of Biomedical Imaging and Image-guided Therapy, Clinical Pathology, Clinical Pharmacology and the Center for Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics will provide access to cutting-edge technology for technical studies related to imaging (µPET/MR/CT, PET/MRI, image processing lab, Preclinical Imaging Lab, medicinal radiochemistry facility, experimental nuclear medicine facilities).

The experimental part of the lbi:ad will be located at the Division of Nuclear Medicine and therefore be thoroughly embedded in the existing infrastructure of these labs. There is strong support from the clinical side for this integration process.

The Medical University Vienna is also an important partner to provide access to the Biosequencing Core Facility, the Proteomics Core Facility and the Biomedical Facility for animal housing.

Molecular Diagnostics Group

The Molecular Diagnostics Group, which consists of ROTOP Pharmaka GmbH, Biotype Diagnostic GmbH, Biotype Innovation GmbH and qualitype GmbH, has the overall aim to develop innovative methods for analysis and diagnostics within life science.

They will provide strong expertise in the development of in vitro diagnostics as well as in the sterile kit production for nuclear medicine and scientific software within the LBI Applied Diagnostics.


Orano SA is a multinational nuclear fuel cycle company based in France. The company is engaged in uranium mining, conversion-enrichment, used fuel recycling, nuclear transport and storage, dismantling, and nuclear cycle engineering activities. Orano joined the LBI Applied Diagnostics as a partner to do research on radioactive compounds and their possible diagnostic or therapeutic applications, with special interests in alpha, beta and auger electron therapy approaches. Orano brings in complimentary resources and areas of research such as new radionuclides and combinations fostering the overall research program of the LBI:AD.

University of Vienna

The University of Vienna (UniVie) was founded in 1365 and is one of the oldest and largest universities in German-speaking countries.

Initially part of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, the Faculty of Chemistry became a separate organizational unit of the UniVie in 2004.

The partnership of the LBI Applied Diagnostics and the University of Vienna’s Faculty of Chemistry focusses on the development and clinical translation of novel radiotracers for diagnostic and therapeutic applications in oncology. With its resources including chemistry laboratories, spectroscopic and spectrometric facilities and other analytical and chemical equipment, the University of Vienna offers additional perspectives for joint research projects in particular together with program line 2.