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17 Jun 2020 von lbiad

PATIO – PPIE-Project Funding

Personalized medicine 2.0 – with the newly funded project „Patient Involvement in Oncology“ (PATIO), the LBI Applied Diagnostics aims to create a platform for prostate cancer patients and affected persons that are involved in the illness.

The goal of PATIO is to provide both information and support and to create a strong and unique link to targeted research. Challenges, individual needs and solutions of the affected people will be gathered and shared with the wide public. Importantly, from this collection of knowledge, also the research community will be provided input that could help answer open questions or even point to yet unaddressed issues.

From our institute, Markus Mitterhauser, Sanja Mijailovic and Marie Niederleithinger are part of the project team. Together with the linguist Amelie Dorn and the founder of the “Selbsthilfe Prostatakrebs” Ekkehard Büchler, a former patient, they make up the core team. To successfully set up the conversation platform PATIO, for the next few months, they will work closely together with ten co-creators that are themselves (former) prostate cancer patients or people involved with a (former) patient.

The project under the title “Empowering a Vulnerable Societal Group During the Corona Crisis” was funded by the LBG Open Innovation in Science Research Enrichment Fund that specifically funds PPIE projects (Public & Patient Involvement and Engagement in Research).

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