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14 Mrz 2019 von lbiad

2nd Scientific Advisory Board Meeting

A bit over one year after meeting with our Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) for the first time, our LBI:AD had their second meeting with the SAB last week on the 13th of May 2019.

The SAB consists of five internationally renowned experts, which were again invited to review our institute’s research, to evaluate our progress and findings and to give advice on future actions and concepts.

Along with the Scientific Advisory Board, we were happy to welcome delegates of our industrial and academic partners: differently to last year’s SAB meeting, this time also our Board of Partners (BOP) was invited to join the event to gain better insight into the scientific activities and proceedings of our institute.

The event took off with a welcome note by the Vice Rector of the Medical University of Vienna Dipl.-Ing. Dr Michaela Fritz and a subsequent general introduction to the Ludwig Boltzmann Society given by Dr Peter Mayrhofer.

After this, our institute’s director Prof Dr Markus Mitterhauser gave a short overview onto the LBI Applied Diagnostics itself, about the internal structure, the financial status and our growing personnel, he showed how last year’s recommendations of the SAB were implemented, and, most importantly, he talked about our vision.

The ongoing projects and successes were afterwards presented program-line-wise by each Key Researcher and their Post Docs or PhDs. They re-introduced the audience to each of the four program-lines Molecular Pathology, Imaging Biomarkers, Clinical Applications and Health Economics and Health Ethics in more detail and also already received some ad hoc input by the SAB.

In the afternoon, a poster walk was scheduled to give our PhDs and other scientific staff the opportunity to present their individual projects and personally talk to our guests.

Looking back, our second SAB Meeting was a great success, with lively discussions, critical questions and important input. The feedback and advice given by the SAB holds great value for our institute and we are immensely grateful for their critical involvement. Many thanks also go to our team members, who did a splendid job presenting and representing our institute.

a. LBI Applied Diagnostics/Marko’s Photography