Raheleh Sheibani-Tezerji, PhD, is a Junior principal investigator at the LBI-AD. Her research interests include translational medical science and the crosstalk between cancer disease course and (epi)genomics/transcriptional signatures using multilayer “-Omics” analysis and Machine/deep learning approaches to develop predictive and prognostic models for diagnostic approaches. She has an extensive background in animal biology and biosystematics.

She obtained her PhD from the Computational Systems Biology (CUBE) division at the University of Vienna on studying lifestyle strategies and functionality of endophytic bacteria in plant tissues under external stress conditions using comparative genomics and transcriptomics approaches along with molecular methods. She joined the Institute of Clinical Molecular Biology (IKMB) in Kiel in 2015 as a postdoc fellow to explore the time course of the transcriptional response to various treatments with a focus on alternative splicing and long non-coding RNAs in inflamed tissues in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).