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Ines Stelzer


Ines Stelzer, PhD, joined the LBI:AD as a postdoctoral researcher in September 2017.

She studied mathematics at the TU Wien, where she also did her PhD. Her research focuses on the development and the application of mathematical methods in the fields of biology and medicine. In her master’s thesis, she studied fractal theory and dimensions and their application to tumour cells. During her doctorate, she investigated systems of nonlinear partial differential equations describing biological systems such as tumour growth models analytically and numerically.

Before joining the LBI:AD, she had worked on control theory, bioprocess modelling and nonlinear Bayesian filtering algorithms as a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Chemical, Environmental and Biological Engineering, TU Wien. Furthermore, Ines Stelzer has two years of work experience in the field of financial and insurance mathematics.

In her current position, she is working on methodological and applied health economics research questions in the areas of personalised oncology diagnosis and treatment including individual patient-level data analyses, decision analytic modelling, health technology assessment and value of information analysis.