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27 Mai 2019 von lbiad

New Chelator for Radiolabelling

In a joint research effort supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation, the groups of Prof. Gilles Gasser (Chimie ParisTech) and Prof. Thomas Mindt (LBIAD) have developed a new chelator for the radiolabelling of antibodies and other molecules with the PET radiometal zirconium-89.[1]

The new chelator, termed DFO*, provides 89Zr-complexes that are extraordinarily stable in vivo.[2] The compound has now become commercially available from the German company ABX.

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[1] Patra et al. Chemical Communications 2014, 50(78), 11523-11525

[2] Vugts et al. European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging 2017, 44(2), 286-295

a. DFO*
b. DFO*