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06 Jun 2018 von lbiad


The Medical University of Vienna is majorly involved in the COST-Project COMULIS which is funded with more than half a Million Euro by the EU funding programme Horizon 2020 for a period of 4 years.

The COST-Project was initiated by the BioImaging Austria-CMI. It was proposed by the operative director of the CMI, Andreas Walter who is the responsible principal applicant and chair of the project. Markus Mitterhauser was elected into the management committee as one of the speakers of the BioImaging Austria-CMI. The CMI, Correlated Multimodal Imaging Node Austria, is a professional consortium of multiple Austrian Science Institutions and the official Austrian BioImaging initiative.1

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a. EU-Project COST (COMULIS)
b. Markus Mitterhauser