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02 Feb 2018 von lbiad

1st Scientific Advisory Board Meeting

On February the 1st, 2018 our first Scientific Advisory Board Meeting took place. Five internationally renowned experts visited our institute with the purpose to evaluate and review our research.

The meeting started with a welcome note by Vice Rector Dipl.-Ing. Dr Michaela Fritz. She emphasised the importance of personalised and translational medicine as well as the implementation of applied diagnostics in our patient care system. A general introduction of the Ludwig Boltzmann Society with a brief overview on goals, mission and strategy was given by Dr Peter Mayrhofer.

The institutes director, Prof Dr Markus Mitterhauser, provided insights into internal structures of the LBI:AD. He talked about the aims and visions of the institute, our appreciated partners and the financials. Afterwards, a detailed overview of the four program lines Molecular Pathology, Imaging Biomarkers, Clinical Applications and Health Economics and Health Ethics was given by the team members. Each researcher had the honour to present his or her research project with the individual aims and the current progress in front of our Scientific Advisory Board. To cover a complete representation of our institute, we organised a lab tour to show our techniques and infrastructure.

Overall, we had a very successful first SAB Meeting with intense and lively discussions, critical questions and important inputs. We are very grateful for the given feedback and advices and would also like to thank our team members who performed a great representation of our institute. Looking forward to the next SAB Meeting in 2019.

a. 1st Scientific Advisory Board Meeting